Some Music From January 2022

I think winter in Southern California is kind of a bummer. I know some folks who envy the year round t-shirt weather, but I think it’s boring. I’ve been spending my month playing Gloomhaven and digging through some old Wii U games. There have been some great album releases at least. Here’s some stuff I think you should check out.

The Velvet Teen - the Great Beast February / Immortality - 20th Anniversary

January 3, Indie

These two EPs were some of my favorite albums in high school. I found the band via their drummer Logan Whitehurst’s solo project. He had his AIM handle on his site and I would ask him who his favorite bands were, what his hobbies were. He told me his other band was releasing a CD, which collected these two EPs. Once I’d ordered it, I kept it in my car forever.


Chastity - Suffer Summer

January 13, Punk

I’m really not sure

Trying to cure my self worth

Is worth all the trouble

of being vulnerable

I’d heard Chastity before, but Suffer Summer completely hooked me. Great, introspective lyrics and addictive melodies. I’ve been listening to it daily.


Underoath - Voyeurist

January 14, Metal

Underoath is a band I’ve been following since high school. I first heard them on This is Solid State Vol. 2 and have followed them ever since. Underoath’s post-Christian material is the best they’ve ever sounded. Metalcore is never a genre I’d describe as generally accessible, but Voyeurist is a strong album from start to finish. It’s tightly produced and engineered, crisp, and high in protein.


Pedro the Lion - Havasu

January 20, Emo

Speaking of bands who have reflected my own spiritual journey, Pedro the Lion just put out another great album. My favorite song is Teenage Sequencer, a bittersweet high school love story. David Bazan’s songwriting weaves beautiful, compelling narratives that wash over you.


Anxious - Little Green House

January 21, Emo

This is my first album of the year” contender. I guess they reworked the whole album in 2020 when their tour got canceled, and the result is potent. Strong, anthemic hooks and riffs dot the album like landmarks on a road trip. That’s right–this album has moved me to car metaphors. I just wish I could go to a mosh pit without throwing out my back or catching a highly infectious respiratory disease.


Some Other Stuff

All Get Out - Feeling Well

January 14, Emo

Two more solid All Get Out songs. I can listen to both in the time it takes to walk to the coffee shop near my house.

Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

Dev Lemons - One Whole Me

January 22, Pop

I found Dev Lemons on TikTok. Short and sweet. Sounds like music from Jet Grind Radio or Sonic Blast.


Toro Y Moi - Postman & Magazine

January 26, Pop

I needed a new Toro y Moi album so badly. Today he put out two new songs and announced a new album, Mahal, coming April 29th. Something to look forward to.


The Last Paragraph

In February, we have new albums from Black Country, New Road, A Place To Bury Strangers, Animal Collective, Johnny Marr, and Spiritualized. Hopefully there’s a lot of good music I haven’t heard about too.

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January 27, 2022

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