What to Buy This Bandcamp Friday, March 4th

This is a pretty weird Bandcamp Friday. Without knowing the inside details, my initial thoughts are that for the time being Bandcamp remains the best place to buy music and that there are probably worse things that could have happened than an acquisition. At the same time, it’s hard to not long for a world where independent music distribution can afford to stand on its own.

There are other ways to own and participate in music. Itch sells game soundtracks and maybe people will be able to sell regular albums eventually. Subscribing to SoundCloud Go+ allegedly pays out 55% net streaming revenue to artists on their Premier plan. Resonate offers a glimpse into what music streaming and ownership could look like as a cooperative owned service. If you start buying FLAC files on HDtracks, mention me on Twitter (@hrprmd) with your foobar2000 theme. And of course you can buy music directly from artists and their labels; some even still include download slips with vinyls.

Anyway, here are some artists you should support this Bandcamp Friday.

Bartees Strange - Heavy Heart

March 1, 2022, Indie Rock

Bartees Strange is an incredible writer and musician and I recommend owning everything he’s done. He just dropped this new single, and last fall he put out a great live album that you can still preorder on vinyl.

Guided by Voices - Crystal Nuns Cathedral

March 4, 2022, Indie Rock

A new GBV album that just came out today! They’re one of those bands that’s been around forever and never have been my favorite band, but I’ll always drop in and see what they’re doing. Chances are good you already know if Guided By Voices is your jam, but hey Beto O’Rourke likes them. Remember Spotify playlists are part of campaign platforms?

Alice Glass - PREY//IV

February 16, 2022, Electronic

If you liked Crystal Castles, it’s worth following back up with Alice Glass. After the band, she’s released EPs, singles, and collaborations, but this is her first full album. You can look at it like a spiritual successor if you want, but it’s a better to think of it as a return of one of the greats now fully in control of her destiny.

Deastro - Flood Demos 2015-2019

November 23, 2021, Electronic

Deastro is one of my all time favorite synth-pop/electronica acts. Flood Demos is a collection of attempts to release music from 2015-2019 that were lost to cruel circumstance.

Living in Detroit is no joke. Deastro has lost more than a few records to being robbed, floods, the hardships of life, etc. Flood Demos is an attempt to capture the floating remnants of what could have been with this project and a showcase of some of Randy Chabot’s live electronics.

It’s great work music and Deastro’s whole catalog is worth checking out.

Mass of Fermenting Dregs - No New World

July 4, 2018, Dream Pop

Crisp dream pop with hints of metal and noise rock. You should check this out if you’re interested in stuff that’s mathy and heavy, but you’re still looking for melody and hooks.

Injury Reserve - by the Time I Get to Phoenix

September 15, 2021, Hip-Hop

Experimental hip-hop out of Tempe, Arizona. By The Time I Get To Phoenix drifts into glitchy, dissonant territory, but never loses you.

March 4, 2022

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